There are plenty of leaflets and magazines to read while you wait.


You will be asked for a few details when you arrive, including your name, date-of-birth and address. 


We give you a unique identification number – your clinic PIN.  This number is used on all samples that leave the clinic.


If you have an appointment you will be seen as near to your appointment time as possible.


If you come to a walk-in clinic, you will be allocated an approximate time for being seen.  This will only be a rough estimate but you will be seen as near to this time as possible.


If you would like to see a staff member of a particular gender (for example a female doctor), please tell the receptionist. Some of our clinics are staffed by just one doctor or nurse. If you would like to see someone of a particular gender, we will arrange this but we can’t guarantee to do so on the same day, or at the same clinic.


A nurse will be present when female patients are examined.  You can ask for a chaperone for any part of your visit (not just the examination) if you wish.  We are happy to provide a chaperone for men and women seeking male or female staff members.  Please ask – our receptionists will usually be able to help, or pass you on to someone who can.


We often have medical and nursing students with us when we see patients.  If you would rather not to have a student present during your consultation, let us know. You can tell the receptionist, or the doctor or nurse who calls you from the waiting room.




When you see the doctor or nurse:

  • The doctor or nurse will ask you about your problem, or your contraceptive requirements and other personal details.
  • If you decide to be tested for infections, the staff will explain the examination and then examine you. You may be asked for a urine sample and we may ask to take some blood from your arm.


A ‘routine check’ usually involves tests for



Plus a test for Trichomoniasis  in women. You may be offered additional tests if you have symptoms, or if you are at risk of other infections. If you don’t want to be examined, you can still have tests for Chlamydia, syphilis and HIV.



Getting results


Some tests for infection can be done quickly, during the clinic.  We might ask you to wait for the results of these tests, so that you can be treated straight away. Results of other tests will be available after 10 days.  Make sure when you leave the clinic, you have a copy of your clinic number.


If we think you may need treatment or further advice, we may ask you to come back to the clinic for your results.





Treatment for sexually transmitted infections, contraception and condoms at Borders Sexual Health clinics are free of charge. Usually we can supply what you need at the clinic, but occasionally we may need to supply you with a prescription for treatment. If you take this prescription to a local pharmacy (chemists shop) you may have to pay a prescription charge. If you want to avoid this, you can take the prescription to the pharmacy at Borders General Hospital, where it will be dispensed free. This applies ONLY to prescriptions from Sexual Health Clinics – not to other prescriptions.