Receptionist_on_phone_2.JPGAll clinics welcome men and women of all ages.


All clinics offer emergency contraception (the ‘morning after’ pill), condoms, testing and treatment for chlamydia and advice on sexual health for men and women.


All clinics provide pregnancy tests, advice on termination (abortion) and if required, referral for termination of pregnancy. You can come to any of our clinics for these things.


All clinics provide services for Lesbian women, Gay and bisexual men and transgender men and women


Most clinics offer additional services – see the service directory to find out where you can get the service you want (link to SD).


Young Peoples Drop-in Clinics

All the above services plus testing and treatment for a range of STIs, advice on contraception, HIV and syphilis blood tests.


Family Planning Clinics

Advice on contraception, prescriptions for the oral contraceptive pill, injectable contraception (the Depo). Male and female condoms, testing and treatment for chlamydia and advice on sexual health for men and women.  Most clinics also offer the IUCD (coil) and Implantable contraception by appointment. Cervical smear tests, pregnancy tests, advice on pregnancy. Advice and referral for termination of pregnancy.


Borders Sexual Health GUM Clinic

We are happy to see people who have symptoms or just want a check-up for sexually transmitted infections.  If you are worried about a particular sexual contact you must wait for at least 10 days after that contact before being tested for infection.



 We offer testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) using swab and/or urine for:

All of these infections are curable with antibiotics, available free from the clinic.


Blood tests

 We offer blood testing for:


Other services

 We provide other services including:

                         *We are not able to provide hepatitis vaccination for work or travel purposes.