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Can you get HIV/AIDS from...?

New 2010 information link:


For good basic information on HIV, how it is transmitted, prevention, treatment and care:

Avert Information on HIV & AIDS.


Support for people who are HIV positive:

Local sources of support and advice

 2011:  Order free condoms by post.........



Other useful sources of information on HIV and treatment



NAM is an award-winning, community-based organisation, which works from the UK.


i-base provides HIV treatment information for healthcare professionals and HIV-positive people


National AIDS Trust is a UK-based charity dedicated to policy research and campaigning to improve prevention efforts and the quality of life of people with HIV.



British HIV Association (includes the UK HIV treatment guidelines, followed in this clinic)



Medical Foundation for Sexual Health (formerly BMA Foundation for AIDS) sets standards for HIV care delivery.


Aids Info
A Service of the US department of Health and Human services, this site offers information on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and research.

Toronto General Hospital
This site has links to a vast array of HIV related information. 


General Health Information


NHS Direct Health information website and links about the NHS itself.

BBC Health Website

Channel 4 Health Website