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The links below will take you to related sites with information on a variety of contraceptive issues. All Borders Sexual Health clinics provide post coital contraception or ‘the morning after pill’. This can be used up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.


Emergency contraception



  • You had sex without using any contraception
  • You did not have a condom
  • A condom burst or came off
  • You had sex after missing one or more contraceptive pills from your current pack


Within the last 5 days


Think about emergency contraception


If you’ve had unprotected sex – that is sex without contraception, or if you think contraception might have failed, you might want to get emergency contraception.


You do not need an appointment to get emergency contraception at Borders Sexual Health clinics.


There are two types:

  • Hormonal emergency contraception (the emergency pill).
  • The copper IUD – a small copper and plastic device (sometimes called a ‘coil’)

Hormonal emergency contraception (the emergency pill). This is sometimes called the ‘morning after pill’  - but you can use it up to 3 days (72 hours) after sex. The emergency pill is more effective the sooner it is taken.

For more information see the leaflet:

You can get hormonal emergency contraception FREE from all of our clinics and drop-ins and at pharmacies thoughout the Borders.


To find the nearest place to you use the Service Directory (link) or phone 01896 663700.


The copper IUD. This method is the most effective. It can be used up to five days after unprotected sex (as long as it is the ONLY unprotected sex since your last period).


You can have an IUD fitted at Borders Sexual Health clinics. You need to arrange an appointment to have this done. If you think that the IUD might be an option for you, phone to speak to one of our nurses, who will arrange to see you, or come to one of the drop-in clinics.


For more information see the leaflet:



The Combined Pill (and Cerazette)


Less than 12hrs late:

  • Take your late pill as soon as you remember
  • Take the next pill at the usual time
  • You do NOT need any additional precautions eg condoms


More than 12hrs late:

  • Take your next pill at the normal time
  • Use condoms for the next 7days
  • If there are less than 7 pills left in your packet – go straight on to your next packet and do not have a break.
  • If you have any burst condoms during this time you may need emergency contraception.


The Progestogen Only Pill (Mini pill)

  • If you are more than 3hrs late with your pill, use condoms until you have taken 7 pills correctly.