• Condoms are Free from the Family Planning Clinic and all other Borders Sexual Health Clinics
  • We have many different kinds including flavoured condoms – just ask.
  • We will explain how to use condoms and to practice safer sex.


What are they?


A sheath made of latex or polyurethane, which is put on the man’s erect penis.


How do they work?


Condoms form a barrier between the penis and the vagina and stop sperm from entering the woman’s vagina.




If used correctly, latex condoms are 98% effective.  This means if 100 women use condoms correctly as a method of contraception for 1 year, 2 will become pregnant.  However many people don’t know how to use or wear condoms properly and that can greatly increase the rate of condom failure.




  • Available free from the Family Planning Clinic. 
  • As well as reducing the risk of pregnancy they give some protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Don’t have to remember to take a pill everyday.




  • Some couples complain that condoms can interfere with sensitivity.
  • Need to be kept in cool, dark place away from heat and strong sunlight.
  • More likely to break if anything oily comes into contact with them e.g. bath oils.




  • They have to be put on before the penis has any contact with the woman’s vagina.
  • Have to be put on when the penis is fully hard (erect) not before
  • Man needs to remove his penis from the vagina as soon as he has come (ejaculated) as the condom may slip off.
  • Condoms are only designed to stay on while the penis is hard (erect)
  • Can only be used for one episode of sex.  Use new condom each time


Are them suitable for everyone



There are different shapes and sizes to suit everyone.  Some people maybe allergic to latex in condoms but polyurethane condoms are available.  Some people have reactions to the spermacide used on some condoms, however there are condoms available without this added.  Extra strong condoms can be used for anal sex.